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About Us

02 About Us

Rebel Muzik NFT is a collection of Music NFTs produced by Rebel Muzik Studios. Our Founders both Rebel Muzik & Vixen have history that dates back to 2008. They combined forces using Rebel’s love and passion for music as well as Vixen’s knowledge and experience in the Web3 space to create Rebel Muzik NFT.

Our genesis drop “One Time Love” is the first of many Music NFTs to come from Rebel Muzik NFT. One Time Love is a collection of 3305 generative animated Music NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the first web3 song on the blockchain from Rebel Muzik Studios, we wanted to bring the heat of Miami mixed with some Latin Pop vibes to the scene. One Time Love is inspired by the fast-paced life of an artist on the road. When long term relationships and love are not possible there are only one time love opportunities.


03 Team

Rebel Muzik


DJ/Producer based in NYC with Caribbean roots. Originally from the twin island of Trinidad & Tobago with an aim to please listeners across the globe. Rebel Muzik has established a team of diverse producers who can hit almost any genre, music is their life, passion and religion. Rebel Muzik comes from a background of SOCA and DANCEHALL and achieved the opportunity to work with some of the top artistes in that industry. Rebel Muzik recently started to blend those influences with mainstream music and is super excited to share it with the world through web3 and NFTs.



Vixen has been in the web3 space just shy of 2 years in both crypto and NFT’s. Finding herself extremely fascinated with this world she quickly started researching and educating herself in all areas of it. With all this new found knowledge, she found herself taking on new roles such as Community Manager, Community Director, Discord Manager, PR & Social Media Manager along with building and maintaining Discord servers for multiple NFT projects. Here is where her heart truly belongs and it shows everyday in the work she puts in.


Marketing / Promotions Manager

FireDogg first came into the crypto space in early 2018. In those 4 years he found not only success but also a passion for the space. The beginning of 2022 he was introduced to the World of NFT’s. Being immersed in this new space he quickly became interested in not only collecting NFT’s, but helping market & promote projects he felt passionate about. He was then hired to do it full time for multiple projects. The drive and dedication he portrays is the reason it was an easy decision to have him become part of the Rebel Muzik NFT Team.



BokkaBoom, a Digital Illustrator & Graphic Designer with a deep rooted discipline in the art of vector design inspired by hip hop & street culture at it's finest.

Navid Art


Godknows Muchedzi also known as Navid Art, from Harare Zimbabwe 🇿🇼. Illustrator and also a Graphic Designer who is ambitious and passionate about everything creative- especially vector illustrations, logos , flyers etc. In the web3 community he has worked with Ludo_labs , Metaclub Football , and RebelMuzik.


Motion Artist

Eduardo Santos (or ed.motions) is an animator and motion designer based in Madrid, Spain. His passion is storytelling and creating art that conveys the complexity of humanity through cartoon animation.



MrTrinidadEth is an IT Consultant by day, Crypto and NFT enthusiast by night. He was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago but currently resides in the United States.


04 Roadmap

  • Phase 01

  • Phase 02

  • Phase 03

  • Phase 04

  • Phase 05

  • Launch of the “One Time Love” Single - Minting of the 1st 1000

  • Launch of the Rebel Muzik NFT Store

  • Minting of the 2nd 1000 NFT's

  • Minting of the Remaining Supply of 1244 NFT's

  • 2nd Single Launch for Rebel Muzik NFT

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